Thursday, May 19, 2011

John Robert Powers: Powersnet

This is what you will see when you visit Powersnet, at least as of the moment. 

This is what I won from them. Cool right?

What we ate. I love the crab sticks.

Present winners.

Mr. Javi Vargas, Michael Angelo, Ralph Calapine and me.

So here's how we won these cool cameras. Powersnet organized a contest among its community, Powernet's posts are categorized into each: DIY - Do It Yourself, in this category people may post something that we can do also with its systematic step by step procedures, Finds - now if ever we get to see something interesting in the market whether it may be clothing, food, gadgets, etc. we may share it in this category, Ask/Say - this is used if ever you would like to inquire something or probably share an insight to the community, lastly Spotted - where you post people's picture probably on what/how they wear things, what they are doing in the picture or just anything.
So the contest was to post in the category of Spotted and get the most likes from the community. As for me, I think I have posts where I get to have 6 up to 16 likes, so thank you to all those people who liked my posts there!

Powersnet is an emerging community powered by John Robert Powers, with their Brand Ambassadors that surely justifies each category you will really find it interesting and be fond of the whole concept. I am just way to eager to find out what would happen more with the site because I know it is bound to improve more and will be catering more than what it does as of the moment.

John Robert Powers is an institution that enhances skills and talents like Singing, Dancing, Acting, Modelling, Speaking that would also hone your personality which is the best feature of this school. Like Mr. Javi Vargas, from the Marketing Dept. said, Personality Development is something that you can really invest on, which I also agree because if you know how to communicate and project yourself well to other people then you have the capacity to be successful in whatever field you will be into and with this kind of training it will surely make a cultured man out of everybody. I just discovered from there that there are a lot of well-known people who has been with JRP and they said that there are even executives and politicians who would enroll at JRP just to enhance themselves and that hit me, maybe JRP can really mold you into how you would see elites deal with their detailed actions which I really want, not that I act like a caveman but of course it's really different when you get to have a formal training and so I am convincing my cousins to have my nephews and nieces to be enrolled here and hopefully I hope my parents would enroll me here as well.

I wanted to thank Mr. Vargas for letting me know the way to their office, even called me in my mobile (really sorry for the delay) and this is dedicated to my friend Sarah May Tanhuanco also known as Snapshotsandportraits of Powersnet who is currently at Paris right now, totally envying you! lol. I hope to see all these cool people soon including the other winner Shane Chua who is at Boracay right now.

Venue: Casmer Building, Salcedo St. Makati
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua