Saturday, May 14, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011: OXYGEN

The Misshapes. Made the ambiance with their music extra fun.

Oxygen's Runway.
Supposedly it should have started around 7:30pm they started around 8:30pm instead, I guess fashionably late is one of their statements.

I think I'm starting to have a taste with over length-ed sleeves partnered with boots. 

I love glittery pants, though I haven't own any YET.

The jacket is my personal favorite!

If I am not mistaken this is the Oxygen's Jeffrey Bascon, the Brand Manager.

Saw her tap dancing right upon the halls of SMX. She's great though, fascinated me.

Red top (Solo), Black Cardigan (Oxygen), Harem Pants (F&H), Red Top-sider (Swatch), Watch (Rolex) and Bring Rings

Oxygen has always been part of me in the sense of fashion. Growing up I am used to buy here simply because I love their style and I guess I have elaborated that with my previous post. Showing their collection during the night reminded me how awesome Oxygen is with how they deliver such clothing to the Filipino Community.

Watching their show made me feel as if I was in a Modern-Art Museum like the metallic figures artistically twisted, formed and finally polished with sheer genius. Bright Red Lights shining through the runway making it fiercely appropriate to enhance the monogamous chrome tone was intensely harmonized by The Misshapes' amazing music. The framework of the stage was usual but I guess everything else made it spectacular.
Thank you Oxygen for a great show!

By the way, I watched this show together with a friend of mine from Cebu, Mr. Paolo Crodua. I must say, he really has the potential to take his photography to the next level, thanks for accompanying me as well!
You can follow him at:

And also Oxygen through:

Venue: SMX Convention
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua


  1. I was here too! T'was great to meet you! I hope to see you in other events. Really need to learn about fashion because being the foodie that I am, I am really unaware of these cool stuff.

    Also, I am so lucky to see Danica walk the runway. Nice!

  2. Really great to meet you too! haha! it's great that you like Fashion and Food as I like 'em too.
    Danica was unbelievably beautiful, I say thanks for her gracing the runway. :)