Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oxygen: Twitter Tee Off

Just received it.
(My dad is not such a good photographer)

Proof that it is definitely mine.

This is how the shirt looks like.

Sunglasses (i2i), White Printed Shirt (Oxygen), Reversible Belt (Memo), Grey Denim Pants (Penshoppe), Watch (Rolex), Shoes (Artwork)
Almost all from Golden ABC.

I have always been a loyal buyer of Oxygen since my pre-teen years. I have witnessed their evolution with their designs and styles, from loud colors, street urban, up to their designs right now which I happen to really love and I'd like to describe it as the Conventional Architectural Design because of the choice of fabric, colors and the well done cuts.

Being a newbie at Twitter (just signed in few months ago), I followed people whom I find to be interesting and I also followed clothing lines as well, Oxygen is definitely one of firsts that I followed. It was the first time I actually participated in an online contest and luckily I get to win.

Truly the Twitter World does not only provide me updates with fashion, places, news, food and stuffs but it provides daily inspirations, intellectual ideas/conversations (depends who you follow), catching up with friends and Fun stuffs like this Twitter Tee Off, so I encourage you guys to have your twitter accounts now and of course follow these:

and of course me
oh and with twitter you can also follow this Blog.

I would like to thank once again Oxygen Clothing and Golden ABC.

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