Friday, May 27, 2011

I Support Bloggers United

Me and JP Singson, owner of Unisex

I love shopping, fashion, bloggers and helping kids out and thus I support Bloggers United.
I came there ALONE around 7:30pm because I was hoping Lawryeng would accompany me there, oh well he had a pretty good reason though for not coming. As soon as I got there I went looking for items for men unfortunately there were so few, I couldn't even find David Guison's store anymore and I regret that I didn't buy any of his good stuff, better luck next time I guess.

Though i was not able to find David's, I was able to find JP Singson's really great store. I got to buy 5 items from him probably because he was also good with his sales-talk and I tell you he is very good! I really wanted to buy something from Unisex as well but I didn't have the money to purchase them at that moment but I was really dying not to buy any from it. As soon as I get to have the money I swear I will contact him right away and buy, hopefully he would still be here in the Philippines because he told me he will be going to Paris next month for Fashion Week, I love travelling and I envy him for that.
Make sure to check out Unisex I know you you will like 'em and check out his works also at Status Mag under Style ID and of course his Blog.

I get to meet Paul Jatayna again and had a great time having a good conversation with him, such a cool guy. I was ought to buy OS from him until I found out that I got my money spent already so I promised him that I will buy some other time and that I will also have my friends buy from him as well. Ever since I laid eyes  on OS I am very interested to buy one, luckily I found out that it wasn't really that expensive at all now I am definitely encouraged.
Check out his Blog and Lookbook so ya'll can find out!

You might be wondering what I have purchased that night. Well keep wondering! I will have it kept secret but these are really awesome clothes that I get to buy all of 'em for only 1,400php. I know, cool right!?
I am hoping they will do this for like twice a year.
Congratulations for a very successful event!

What I am wearing:
Gray Long-sleeves inverted collar (Dean&Trent), Copper Jeans (Penshoppe), Gray Shoes (Happy Feet) and my trusted time keeper (Rolex).


Venue: The Lounge, 32nd Floor Malayan Hotel
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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  1. Awww. I want David Guison's stuff too!

  2. Were you there? My friend got some of his stuff... envious.