Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bring Rings

Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd U. Chua

I am a person who seldom wears accessories. Usually you can see me wearing clothes that somehow you can call "conventional". I am fond of wearing unusually cut, edged, tailored clothes. Well more on that when I am actually blogging about it.

Carlos Concepcion has trully revolutionized my view on fashion (well somehow). I get really inspired on his way of styling and so I opened his blog and found one of his posts about Rings, Ink and Skin and there I found Bin Ubaldo's Bring Rings.

I got fascinated how the rings looked so conventional (so me, lol), so I decided to look for it on facebook and luckily I get to find it in an instant and put a wall post, days later I purchased three rings which are seen in the pictures above. I just love the rings. Most of the rings are caterred for women but they are starting to cater for men as well. I am looking forward to see the next batch of rings. Oh and I want to thank Bin Ubaldo and Dea Ubaldo for being so accomodating. :)

You can check them out at:


  1. wwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.. naunahan mo ko. hahah

    its so beautiful.. Ill buy a set na din. lol

  2. yeah super nice! I think I'll wear them all tomorrow :)

  3. i love collecting rings... especially weird-looking ones.

    Hey Garçon!

  4. @Hey Garcon you should buy one too! Heard Bring Rings will be releasing new batch of rings :)