Saturday, March 26, 2011

BSMT 3A 2010-2011... Signing Off

Alina Deloria, Florelle Del Rosario, Weshley Manarin,
Ynah Ancheta, Alyssa Magallanes and Aisha Hafeez
What is better to spend a filipino outing with barkada than to rent a filipino oriented vehicle.
Louie Gonzales, Weshley Manarin, Regielyn Casolino,
Jaypee Losbanes, Florelle Del Rosario and Charnie Bayotas
It's a night lay-out.
Diego Garcia, Me, Weshley Manarin, Jaypee Losbanes, Jaynee Marcelino, Ynah Ancheta, Aisha Hafeez, Regielyn Casolino,
Jen Bernardo and Jonica Rosalejos
Jaccuzzi Dippin'

Diego Garcia, Jaypee Losbanes, Jen Bernardo, Jaynee Marcelino, Weshley Manarin and Aisha Hafeez
A top shot view of the Jaccuzzi

Rachelle Que, Krizzle Pabelonio, Aisha Hafeez, Jonica Rosalejos, Alyssa Magallanes, Me, Jaynee Marcelino and Jaypee Losbanes
And the night begins.

Margarita Copon, Krizzle Pabelonio, Ynah Ancheta, Jonica Rosalejos and Aisha Hafeez
It's more than a splash!

Regielyn Casolino, Zirhabee Nasser, Jonica Rosalejos and
Krizzle Pabelonio
Aisha Hafeez, Alyssa Magallanes, Jonica Rosalejos
and Krizzle Pabelonio
Swimmin' time!
Margarita Copon, Jonica Rosalejos and Aisha Hafeez
Side Pool Lounge.

Alyssa Magallanes, Krizzle Pabelonio, Weshley Manarin,
Zirhabee Nasser, Aisha Hafeez,Charnie Bayotas, Jonica Rosalejos,  Margarita Copon and Louie Gonzales
Pool-Jaccuzzi Junction

Weshley Manarin, Diego Garcia, Jaypee Losbanes, Me, Andrei Vaso
and Louie Gonzales
The Lounge.

Alina Deloria, Jaynee Marcelino, Alyssa Magallanes,
Jonica Rosalejos, Andrei Vaso, Weshley Manarin, Me, Shelley Agudo, Margarita Copon, Louie Gonzales and Zirhabee Nasser
Packed up; Ready to bid Goodbye to EGL Resort.

To the batch of BSMT3A 2010-2011.
It has been a great school year, probably the best one for the college years. We have come a long way already, what we have started together may we end together as well.

From the land of the talented with wit; Leaders with compassion, may we continue to inspire many people and may we all be successful in life.

One more year to conquer.

Photos by: Vergil Lloyd U. Chua
Venue: EGL Resort, Calamba Laguna

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