Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unwinding at Banana Leaf

Aaron Ray Mopera, Cholo, Me, Lawryeng Castro and Jane Masiado

Green Tea Chicken Curry
(My Personal Favorite)

It was a saturday night, I was so tired because of studies and i just had to unwind so I waited for my friends to go back in Makati (They were at Araneta).

The best way to replenish yourself is to gain positive energy. I thank Banana Leaf for serving us a sumptuous dinner and of course meals are tastier when shared with the people you love. I find food or the intake of food in general very important because it actually evaluates how you value yourself, so with good food comes good character.

The night ended as we watched "Little Red Riding Hood".

Good Food + Good Movie + GREAT Friends =

Photographed By: Vergil Lloyd U. Chua
Venue: Banana Leaf, Greenbelt

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