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The Owner: The Perspectives.

From the great generations of:

Came to produce
Vergil Lloyd Urtola Chua

The hardest thing that we can write about is always about ourselves,
we want things to be described accurately written with a sense of respect and a touch of greatness
but we don't want to sound bias for our readers, we would always want to be judged in the manner of fairness and just.
Now, let me put down the basics of my profile.

I am born in UST Manila on February 10, 1991 but I am raised in Cavite.
I am the fourth among the 5 children of:
Virgilio M. Chua
Violeta U. Chua

and my siblings are:
Vida Dionne U. Chua
Vincent Oliver U. Chua
Verdan Joseph U. Chua 
Vermont Edward U. Chua
(arranged by age)

Educational Background:
I studied the first two years of my education at
Divine Light Academy, Molino
Then for my Preparatory and where I graduate High School
Woodridge College, Molino
and now I am studying at
Centro Escolar University Makati
taking up the course
Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

I have always been fascinated with life because from the way I see it, Life is Beauty.
 I wanted to be in the medical field not only because all my brothers and sister are taking up medical courses but because of the thinking that there are so many pains in this world, I just want to be part of the healing process.
But actually to sum it up, I want to do and be a lot and so, I am still undecided on what definite career I want to do/be.

I am a very active student.
Member of different Organizations in the University:
Dramatic Guild
Honor's Society
Red Cross Youth Council
I have tried acting, singing, dancing probably I have showcased talents that I "might" have on stage.
I am part of the 1st batch of Student Council in my High school.
I have been the P.R.O. of the University Student Council - Makati for two School Years
(under the administration of Aaron Ray E. Mopera
and Mark Angelo Q. Potente).
One of the greatest achievements I have as of the moment is that I am the 1st International Delegate of our University gone to
South Korea.
With talent, I get to sing at the World Trade Center.

Who/What inspires you?
In respect to the question who, generally I find inspiration with every person I meet because I learn lessons from them which I come to confirm that God wouldn't let you meet people for nothing, there is always a reason and it is up to us to find out what the reason is.
But the people who inspires me the most:
High School Mentors
College Mentors
Dr. Maria Corazon L. Andoy
Mrs. Juana Rossa F. Martinez

and above all

Now for the question what,
I love beautiful things and that includes:
beautiful places
it's just ART in general.

Oh and I just have to say that I am very much inspired by these people:
Carlos Concepcion
Mike Concepcion
and the rest of the gang.

To describe myself further I asked some of my closest friends to have a few descriptions.

Intelligent,competent and hardworking: a friend that never fails to enjoy life thru his positive outlook in life and by sharing his laughter with his friends. Supportive yet cautious and the best part of him is his big heart.
-Lawryeng Castro

Malambing, caring and an intellectual person.
-Sthepanie V. Pasamba

Thoughtful, very stylish.
-Khrislyn Marie "Kriya" A. Luy

Someone you can depend on... Someone that cheers you up, gives you strength, and makes you feel special. He's not just a friend to me but also a bestfriend and a brother. He is a man full of knowledge, perseverance, and determination.
An almost perfect man.
-Jane B. Masiado

Super lambing, caring and lovable.
-Ana "Happie" Santos

A man with firm principle. Verge is someone who knows himself well and yet accepts constructive criticisms from other people. His sweet and friendly approach turns a tiger into a cuddly cat. He is noted to be diligent, practical and God-fearing.
-Maria Elizabeth "Marielle" V F. Cueto

A person with a strong personality, smart. A good leader. A very friendly person (everyone knows that) and a person who likes trying out new things that keeps him growing.
-Loraine G. Samsin

Driven, ambitious: wants a little bit of everything, responsible, may be amateur and innocent in some aspects of life but is very much dedicated to learn, knows how to pick his friends, watches his own back, thoughtful, may not always be there when needed but once he is he'll give everything he can to give you comfort, very good supporter. Patient in dealing with people he loves, but impatient with those who don't deserve it, independent, only seeks the help of others when very much needed, sweet... :)
-Jay Michelle E. Pineda

Loves challenges but isn't afraid of defeat. Doesn't settle for less. Knows when to fight back and when not to. Gives respect to people who deserves his respect.
-Valerie Mae V. Vallar

He was a happy baby, easy to handle. His grades were consistently high and would always aim to be among those on the top. He has interests in areas of Mathematics, Languages and Sciences. He would also vie for extracurricular activities, like singing, theatre arts and painting. As parents, we are very lucky to have Vergil as one of our children and we are proud of him for being an achiever in his own right.
-Violeta U. Chua (My MOM)

The purpose of this blog is mainly for Inspiration.
Every now and then I come across things that would inspire me and it would be a shame if I don't get to share it because it might inspire other people as well.
I live up with the saying that.
"Our generation is capable of doing great things and so I come to a purpose of inspiration, with motivation comes a better evolution."

I will also be featuring some of my friends who I find inspiring.

and so I encourage everybody to do their best, keep yourself positive and be a beacon of light for others.

Violet Checkered Polo (F&H), Harem Pants (F&H) a gift from Lawryeng Castro,
Gray Cardigan (Oxygen), Shoes (Zara), Watch (Rolex).

Photographed by: Lawryeng Castro
Venue: Ayala Triangle

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  1. Congratulations! This entry is indeed worth the wait... I must say you were able to give it the feel and the spirit of who you really are to all the readers. Keep't up!