Friday, July 26, 2013

Manila Maki

Due to my consistent use of my perks with Enjoy Philippines, they gave me a reward which was a dinner at Manila Maki.

To see details of this look see previous post.

Was planning to get this but they said that the voucher given by Enjoy Phils cannot be used to it... Too bad their promo has ended but I can feel more promos will come just stay updated with them through their facebook page:

This is how the restaurant looks like inside and featuring my friend, Lawrence Castro who helped me take photos that day. (P.S. Thank you!) 

The lighting is quite dim for a restaurant or maybe they are really going for that ambiance. 

On the left is their house blend ice tea which tastes a lot like bori tea which is good and very oriental and on the right is a buko lychee shake which has this perfect blending of the two flavors without compromising the other. These are huge by the way.

This is their Miso Soup. All of their food here has a local twist and as for this one they made it quite sour with a hint of tamarind.

This is their Sisigdon.

Bon Bon Chicken. What made this more special for me is the mayo sauce they put in it, it just taste perfect to me. 

Veggiedon which consists of different vegetables with nori strips and crab meat strips.

A last! The Manila Maki's Manila Maki. It is topped with a fresh slice of tuna and the inside consists of Kani Salad and Nilasing na Hipon. This is one of their house specialty and you can try it for a very affordable price of 245php.

As you can see we had to take a doggy bag because we didn't get to finish everything that 1000php voucher given by Enjoy Philippines can order so basically they're servings are big and many, I should've invited one more, but oh well, I believe Lawrence and I had a really foodgasmic time here and we recommend it to you guys!

I would like to thank Enjoy Philippines and Manila Maki for this experience!


Venue: Manila Maki, G/F Elizabeth Place Condominuim 332 HV Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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