Friday, July 19, 2013

Giordano: Monsters University

I went to this awesome Giordano event and there were tons of things happening there that your kids would've enjoyed.
I am from the south but i went all the way to the north not to miss this and t'was worth it.

Kind of nostalgic for me as this is the kind of setting I have in my workplace.

Just a lil bit of DIY, to make this all you need to have is a flask, water, food coloring and some dry ice.

There are a lot of booths in the place where the kids and kids at heart can enjoy like this guitar hero inspired booth.

Check out more of their exciting games:

David Guison and Gerd Perez doing the Wii dance game.

Featuring "S" (Angeline (@the_lil_miss) Rodriguez' daughter). You and your kids could have enjoyed free body paints.

This is few of Giordano's new collection in lieu of the recent Monsters University.

With Angel, Gerd and Hezron.

Sean General, Arnie Villanueva, Ana Gonzales and Ava Zabat.

 It felt so nice to be a student again for a day!
Thank you Giordano and Havas PR Agatep!

Keep yourself updated with them through:


Venue: Trinoma Activity Center
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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