Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time and Time

Denim top (Esprit), Gray Long-sleeves Shirt (OXYGEN), Maroon Full-length Pants (Topman), Shoes (Topman), Bone Bracelet (OS Accessories), Rings (Bring Rings), Time Keeper (Rolex).

If you have been keeping track of my looks, you will definitely recognize that I like to wear same clothes and shoes every now and then and just incorporate it with the new ones that I got.

Yes, just like most people, I, too have limits on wardrobe and it's actually an upside for me because it pushes my creativity on  how to mix and match so that I can have a different look yet using the same clothes, it gives me the virtue of being thrifty and economical.

I am by far more empowered to this idea, by the way, when Laureen Uy tweeted that repeating clothes is ok as long as you style them differently.

So there you go! What do you think guys? Share your mix and match to me as well! I love seeing how people can be so creative.


Photographed by: Angeline Rodriguez
Venue: Villa Del Conte, Resorts World Manila


  1. adore the denim top and maroon pants!
    great look ^__^