Sunday, May 20, 2012

Villa Del Conte: Cioccolato Sublime

By now you guys might have already know that beyond the fact that I love fashion, events and traveling is the undoubted truth that I LOVE food and above all the parts of a meal I have a sweet tooth that is ready to munch on desserts.

When other brands caters truffles, Belgian or other medium for creating chocolates, Villa del Conte gives us chocolates that are made from premium quality Cacao Beans that creates there very delicious artisanal chocolates. Without any bias I can say that it is by far one of the best chocolates I have tasted! It was not too sweet nor was it too bitter... It was the perfect mix of both.

The reason why they have Villa Del Conte as their branding name is because their chocolates literally came from there, Villa Del Conte in Padova, Italy. Yes, with these chocolates you can taste Italy authentically.

Once again, the beauty of customization has enticed me. Villa del Conte has 24+ flavors you can choose from but if you desire something more then all you have to do is to ask them and they can surely assist you on your request.

Not only can you play on flavors of different fruit extracts but you can also choose whatever filling you might be interested of whether they are fruits, nuts, another chocolate or even an alcoholic delight!

Upon your customization, you may also give them ideas on how you wanted them to be presented to whoever.

They have served and satisfied A LOT of notable people and companies in our society, but then again I am not sure that I can put it here so to play safe I just won't but believe me on this ok?

Please do not forget to have 2-3 weeks grace period upon delivering your chocolates but the owner said that you may have your desired delivered chocolate immediately depending on how intricate the design is. 

Now let me show you a sample of what is inside those sinfully sweet wrappers.

Well then I'll show you how their store looks like and I tell you it really gives that Italian vibe going on.

I love this sort of European style of dirty kitchen.

Perfect for easter, don't you think?

Off to give you an idea of what you should expect to taste in their different colored wrappers.

If you think they're very expensive well you should think again!
piccolo - 480php
medio - 780php (20+ chocolates)
grande - 1480php (40+ chocolates)

This is an authentic italian chandelier. I really have a thing for lamps.

Together with me are
Jacob Gayanelo and Angeline Rodriguez.

Thank you Jacob for taking our pictures!
and Thank you to Angel of Wonder Woman Rises for always inviting me!

To know more about Villa Del Conte, please do connect to them through:

You may also call them at:

Visit them at the their following stores:
3/F, Trinoma
2/F, Greenbelt 5
3/F, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
G/F, Resorts World Manila

Venue: Resorts World Manila
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua


  1. I was in Padova last year but did not explore much of the chocs but did on pasta and other Italian food.

    1. Really?! Nice! Hope you can share me your experience there!

  2. i love sweets as well!!! sana may magregalo saken nito! move over ferrero, LOL :P

    1. Haha! I hope ilibre ka ng friends mo or buy one na! I'm sure afford mo yan. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Really delicious! I swear buying it is totally worth it! Visited your blog btw. :)