Monday, April 25, 2011

Venturing Bataan: Camaya Coast


Lawryeng Castro, Crisflorypher Juanillo, Red Olguera, Aaron Ray Mopera, Terrie Jo Sabado, Molly Kate Yu, Marielle Cueto and Jane Masiado

Welcome Drinks courtesy of Camaya Coast

Queendomofqueenb x Rightontheverge

Loving their couch

I told you I love 'em

Dine at the Beach

Molly Kate Yu and the Pumpkin Soup.

Lunch = Delish.

Lawryeng Castro. Oh how I wish the yacht was ours.

The Pavillion

I really asked her to pose here :)

Red Olguera, Crisflorypher Juanillo, Lawryeng Castro, Molly Kate Yu, Jane Masiado, Terrie Jo Sabado, Marielle Cueto, Me and Aaron Ray Mopera

The Beach is just so lovely.

Attempted Castle.
Crisflorypher Juanillo, Molly Kate Yu, Me, Aaron Ray Mopera, Terrie Jo Sabado, Jane Masiado, Marielle Cueto and Lawryeng Castro

Lawryeng Castro and Aaron Ray Mopera

Shades (i2i), Checkered Polo (H&M), White Shorts (F&H), Green Flip-flops (Havaianas), Watch (Rolex)

Leaving Camaya Coast.
The Building you see at the mountain being built is owned my Mr. Gary Valenciano.

I love the sun setting behind me.

We went here during Easter Sunday. We went there earlier than how we usually go to places just to find out that a lot of people are there already, maybe it's because of the holiday.

Camaya Coast is probably Punta Fuego in the process. The sand feels so good in your toes, the ocean breeze cools you and the structures you see like the pool, chairs/benches are really of my style with the curves and all, even their shower look so interesting (I love weird looking stuffs).

Staff here are friendly as we have met one which accommodated us efficiently also the agents were very friendly. The Beach is great, even when we have gone far from the shore you can still stand firm so I suppose it adds to the safety features of the place and even when you're at the shore you can still encounter small fish (tried to catch one but they are really fast).

Camaya Coast is under develop and I think investing here is a good idea because as far as I can see, it has the potential to be a really great summer getaway or a place where you just want to hang out and have a vacation away from the city just to adore the beautiful sceneries.

As of the moment I will be convincing my dad to invest here and probably have us a good rest house. Fingers-crossed.

Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Camaya Coast, Bataan


  1. You must be mistaken when you said the buildings visible from the boat are owned by Mr. Gary Valenciano. Those are condo units. The rightmost are model unit, and the other ones are mine and my friends'!

  2. My apologies. I was just told by a person form the resort that it was owned by him. Thanks for the info! Will edit this.