Thursday, April 14, 2011

Write on the Verge: Jay Michelle E. Piñeda

 Black Dress (Small Shop from Baguio), Black Belt(Jag), Black Shoes (Dubai Brand) and Black Fedora Hat (SM Dept.)

Floral Bandana (Self-made by Jay Piñeda herself), Sunglasses (Fly Wear), White Tube (Bangkok Brand), Yellow Beach Pants (HongKong Brand), Flipflops (Ipanema) and Earrings (Puerto Galera)

I made two different themed photoshoots to have something of her diversity.

Jay Michelle E. Piñeda has been a friend of mine since 4th grade back in Woodridge College and definitely one of my closest and trusted friends. We have gone far with our friendship as we have laughed "with each other" or "at each other" mostly at times, we witnessed each other cry, comforted, defended for various reasons and we even have fought so many times and our friendship only gets stronger. We build friendships with a lot of people from elementary, high school and college and probably even after we graduate yet the bond that we have made is still incomparable; nothing can surpass it.

Growing up with her, I can really atest that she is made for greatness. Being entitled as Ms. Sportsfest during our 6th Grade, winning academic related competitions, hailed for her creativity from theatrical presentations, Script writings, Speech choirs' choreographer and now as she is actively particiapting in her University's Organization in Univeristy of Santo Tomas  (awarded as best actress), she never fails to show excellence. Until now, people from our High School can still remember her and her remarkable legacies and it is not surprising if one day she would somehow change the world positively.

She is always known for her persevering character that may intimidate others and sometimes may lead them to see her negatively but little do they know that her intentions are always pure. One of the acts that inspired me most about her is that few days after our High School Graduation, she initiated to organize a charity event for the elderly at "Tahanan ni Maria" (Home for the aged). She encouraged our batchmates to participate and luckily we got a handful of people who helped in giving basic needs and entertainment to the said institution.
Beautiful, Intelligent, God-Fearing are three of her best qualities.

To give you more about her, I prepared some questions for you to know her more:

1. Who do you look up to?
-Kate Middleton, Amelia Earheart, Tyra Banks, Audrey Hepburn J

       2. What are you most thankful of? 
-My family, f course.  I’m so lucky I have a family that even my friends love. Not everyone is gifted to have a wonderful, supportive, and happy family like mine. And I am just so thankful for the genes! Haha kidding. J
3. Define a successful life. 
-A successful life is one where there is happiness and contentment. Most would say that being successful is about achieving your goals and aspirations, but in reality, not everyone dreams of what would make them happy. They dream of what they think will please other people. They aspire for things that are universally desired.

4. How can you empower the youth?
-Once, I was asked what do I think is my main purpose in life.. and I answered, “To affect other people’s lives.” Who else’s lives would I affect other the ones close to me, those I can directly communicate and relate with, my fellow youth? I have no plans of even trying to dare to affect every youngsters out there.  But with the organization I’m in (Youth for Christ), I am given the opportunity to be involved with other young people outside my circle of friends. I have the chance to speak the word of the Lord to them, serve as an older sister to them, and give them the encouragement, support, attention, and love that I could give. Whenever they feel down, I will be there for them and tell them how awesome they are. Much more with my close friends. I try to be there as often as I can, listen to everything they have to say about their lives, and try to speak sense to them whenever they need them. Empowering the youth doesn’t only mean pushing them to be the best, but also reminding them on how truly blessed, gifted, and amazing each of them are. J

5. One thing you would want to change in the world? 
-Corruption. Not only change it, but totally remove.

6. Biggest turn on to the opposite sex.
 -Good smell. Haha. Nothing beats a guy who smells good.

7. Describe your style.
-I don’t really know how to define my style. One day I could be a girly girl, and the next I could look like a rock chick. I’m as random as it gets. I used to overdress- ALL THE TIME. But then I grew up, and realized that in fashion, less is more. So now, I dress comfortably. And I don’t throw away out of trend clothes. I keep them, and sometimes even use them to the point where my friends laugh at me for being trapped in last season’s style. But I don’t really care, haha. I really am not into following trends.. I set them. J

8. Does the way you dress define who you are? 
-Yes. I think this goes out to everyone. Why dress up to define someone else, right? Haha. But I do admit that I hate how the way I dress often leads to wrong impressions of who I really am. I dress provocatively sometimes, with miniskirts, tube tops, short shorts, backless, but that doesn’t mean I’m liberated. Again as I have mentioned, I dress up to what I’m comfortable in. I love to flaunt my assets, and I am comfortable knowing that I look good on what I’m wearing. Put on comfy, throw out uneasy – it’s as easy as that.  

9. What are the things you consider in buying clothes, shoes, bags, etc.?
-Quality. I am a major in Marketing Management, so everyday in class I hear about how a product should be of quality. I am not really brand conscious, well, I used to be, but then I realized that even the most popular or most expensive of brands can fall short in giving you satisfaction with their product. So nowadays, I study every detail of what I’m buying first. Like in clothes, my mom used to own a boutique of wedding dresses where she saw the dresses herself, so she taught me  what I should look at for me to check its quality. She said I should check the stretch of the fabric, the insides, how it’s sewed, and stuff like that. Money means a lot to a business student like me, so I make sure I spend them on things worth spending. J

10.What are the places you would like to visit?
-I would love to visit every tourist spot here in the Philippines. Unless I have fulfilled that, I won’t go to the places I want to visit outside the country ( just because I feel like enjoying the sceneries and appreciating the beauty of spots outside the country without being to the most beautiful places in the Philippines would be a form of cheating to my mother land) which are New York (my favorite series are Sex and the City, FRIENDS, Gossip Girl, and How I Met Your Mother, my favorite work of art is the “VJ Day in Times Square”, and some of my favorite movies are “You Got Mail” and “Serendipity”.. need I say more on why I want to visit New York?), Paris (it’s Paris, duh? Haha!), Rome (because of all the history that had happened there), and the list goes on and on and on.. 

11. Where was your best dining experience?
-Every dining experience is the best! Haha! I am a true sucker for food. And whenever I eat I feel completely happy. Most especially when I dine with the ones I love the most.

12. Best advice you could ever give to the youth?
-Believe in yourself, have faith in God, enjoy life, and love your enemies. J

Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Edited by: Jay Michelle Piñeda
Venue: Pag-asa Subd Molino, Bacoor, Cavite
Portofino, Alabang Muntinlupa

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