Friday, May 31, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week 2013: JAG Origins

I know it is kind of late already since the Philippine Fashion Week was last week but of course I just have to share all these awesome designs to you guys that you have to anticipate for the coming season, again sorry for the delay, bare with me I have a job now lol!

The event was hosted by the very beautiful Sarah Meier.

Opened by the Binibining Pilipinas 2013 modeling on the first set. 

The following comes to a greater awesomeness as Jag Origins collaborated with local young designers namely:
Norman Noriega, Jeffrey Rogador and Jerome Ang Salaya 

I think this is one of the best part of the event: The Q&A with Ms. Nina Garcia interviewed by Mr. Boy Abunda.

Yes, Ms. Nina Garcia of Project Runway who is also the EIC of Marie Claire who gave a lot of helpful tips and advices in accordance to the people's queries.

The things that I will be stating are as far as how I remembered them:

She is a columbian who had always been dreaming to become a fashion designer and thus as a little girl she followed that dream only to arrive on a different career (but also in line with the fashion industry) but nonetheless if not just as great... better.

She focused more on the aspect of fashion as a business with the emphasis of passion and authenticity as these are the qualities that will not only jumpstart your career but also survive in the industry she even quoted "Stay focused. Be authentic to yourself. Be unique. It's about being yourself because nobody can have that."

For all those aspiring to work for a magazine, she advice that keep emailing your resume, CV's and Lookbooks to Marie Claire or any publishing companies and call them for follow ups, this of course with the confidence that you have given your best in your work and someday, someone is bound to like it.

For designers who would like to become a brand, she said the secret is about having a good business partner whose loyalty is unquestionable. Every brand has a person who is in charge with the art side and there is also another person who is good with making transactions and the best marketing strategy.

For the bloggers, she said with all enthusiasm that she likes the bloggers and that she likes the competition as well. As an editor she said her job is about producing articles that would somehow cater to the general population while bloggers would give it a personal touch (which is undeniably true) which interests her and thus giving her a different point of view.

As far as I can see it, Nina Garcia is a woman of power with a very concrete set of values of no insecurity and a heart of generosity.

I definitely enjoyed this. I hope you guys have learned just as much as I have.

My thanks to Fuentes Manila for the invite!

Venue: SMX Convention
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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