Sunday, March 3, 2013

Le Petit Cheri

Just a couple of hours ago, my friend and I get to have the chance to try this very eloquent and elegant patisserie restaurant, Le Petit Cheri just along Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang.

I know I embrace much of my Asian ancestry with how I design my space (and our house) with contemporary aesthetics, although there is a part of me that appreciates a little bit of romanticism from the European perspective.

I just love how they made those luggage as a functional seats which added a casual yet classy vibe to the room.

This is how the tables look, very conducive for those guys out there who would want to take their ladies out for a date.

These are actually large breads, like you have to use both arms to carry 'em. Yes, they are for sale but I apologize I forgot to ask how much they are. 

 Pictures from different tourist spots around Europe surely made the ambiance exquisite and the draping of the purple curtains complemented and highlighted the large panels to view the outside. 

I saw them make the crepes and it just made me salivate. lol. 

 I apologize for the narcissism. lol.
Details of this outfit:

This staircase leads you to the second floor where there are books readily available for you to read, most of their books are about pop icons and culture. The place is also wifi capable for those who want to work in this kind of environment and setting.

This is my friend Joy Avilla who helps me take my pictures and here you may conclude what we decided to read... Yey directioners!

Truffle Cake - 145.00 php
You will not regret buying this one, might seem to be expensive but it's worth it. It is simply deliciously moist, not too sweet as it has nuts (almonds I think) to complement the flavor of the chocolate.

Crepe Petit - 245.00 php
I think this is their specialty in desserts crepes and I fully recommend you guys to taste this! It has peaches that was poached with red wine partnered with vanilla ice cream and chocolate caramel whip, combine them all together and it's a total foodgasm inside your mouth.

Thank you Le Petit Cheri for a dining experience worth repeating again. From the ambiance to the food to the service of the staff, everything was great! Good job for the management/owner. Too bad I only get to taste their desserts, hopefully next time I'd get to let you know more about them.

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