Friday, February 17, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

Yep! We were selling foodies from Mrs. Reyes BBQ!
Awesome BBQs! Honest!

Went with my college friends.
see the girls' necklaces? We sold 'em too!

These are our sample products:

Cool looking robot made of recycled scraps.

Izz and Raymart.

Our Valued Customers:

Someday when I get to have the courage, I'll be able to do this.
I am afraid of heights.... and Ferris wheels.

 This is how the hot air balloons look like at night. They're still as majestic.

Perfect time for me to try the playground since there were no kids there anymore. lol!

Midnight snack "mini Tacos" courtesy of Krystal Que.

 Up early to sell some goodies!

This is how they do the Philippine National Anthem. without poles, just people skydiving with our National Flag.

Shelley and Cheska with the awesome flashing hot air balloon necklaces!


Ice cream! These hot air balloons make me go hungry with desserts.
Oh just imagine a total food coma if there are desserts as big as these!

Adorable Panda! I just think pandas are the cutest among the bear family.

Well just in case you guys are not fans of seeing hot air balloons, there are still a lot of activities you wanna try with your families.

Giant Balloon Slide.


Seeing cute balloon designs and crafts.

Wall climbing.

Adoring these beautiful dogs!
or walk your own dog here lol!

Kite flying.
The place looks like the sky is messed up with garbage because tons of people are flying kites from afar.

The kite that the kid is flying is not far... it's just really small. cute eh?

Get to experience flying from jets and helicopters.

Getting fond of the military scene setting.

Eating delicious yet cheap foodies!
(Including Mrs. Reyes BBQ's)

You might get a chance to tag along with familiar people
(Nice to see Dr. Gayos with her daughter Nikki).

Thank you Mr. Gab Valenciano for buying from us. Great to see you here!

Also thank you Ms. Dimples Romano for buying from Mrs. Reyes BBQ!

Thank you to Panlilio-Reyes family for the awesome stay at Pampanga! Enjoyed every second of it!

So that ends my photowalk.

Venue: Clark, Pampanga
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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