Friday, February 17, 2012


You all know that I just turned 21 and so I entitled this as Emancipation since it is this age where boys become men... prospectively speaking.
Let not be mistaken because I am not separating from my family yet. (still have to graduate then take the board exams then lastly to succeed in my career, whatever my career would be).

Just so I am walking at the stage of my life where adulthood comes to attest; striving hard for independence and freedom.

Emancipation from others ideals and putting onto mine as direction.
Emancipation from expectations and speculations; turning and creating opportunities to my fate. 

All that I can ask is for the good Lord to guide me as I tread through the future.


  1. Always hoping for the best for you, V! :) I know God will bless you 'cause you deserve it! :) Great look, by the way!


  2. Welcome to the 20 something period! You'll be more blessed!