Saturday, July 2, 2011

Greyone Social

Status Magazine July Issue
Do not forget to have 'em!

 Sample of the items they have

Then there is Vans!
and they also have Lomo Cameras. Super cool!

Of course we bought the July issue with Lawryeng Castro.

With Patty Mendoza, she is really cool

Not much of a sneaker guy here but still loving Greyone Social!

I like this orange watch.

They got Status Magazines here!

White Button-down shirt (Bench), White Shorts (F&H), Purple Velvet Shoes (Salvatore), Time Keeper (Rolex)

I knew Rosario Herrera owns Status Magazine but was surprised that she also owns Greyone Social, she is such an inspiration!
It is really a good thing we get to go here because I have been looking for boutiques to have my guy friends get styled.
You guys out there, do not forget to visit Greyone Social and of course get a copy of Status Magazine!

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Venue: Greyone Social, Greenbelt 5
Photographed by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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