Thursday, June 23, 2011

CEU Makati Medical Technology: Freshman Orientation

To the Pharmacy Program, we owe you. Thanks again!

We always have to look presentable, don't we?
courtesy of Margarita Copon.

My Official Moment Captivator, Regielyn Casolino.

REBORN for a quick run-through steps.

Finally the program begins with your
Masters of Ceremonies
Loraine G. Samsin and me

Chris Alec San Jose
Doxology and Philippine National Anthem

Mrs. Maria Carmen S. Dizon
Coordinator, Medical Technology Program
Opening Remarks

Isabella Francesca Reyes and Ma. Krizzle Pabelonio
Medley Song Number
It was a hype, thanks for your Waka-waka!

Alina Anne Azelea Deloria and Jaynee Madelaine Marcelino
Thank you for assisting us with the Powerpoint Presentations and Videos!

These are some of our spotted Freshmen Students.
Stay tune for more!

Ms. Marian Gigi Cusi
Student Affairs Office
Thank you Ms. Cusi for helping us with our activity
and also... for putting random pictures of mine in your PPT.

Awesome Junior kids!
To all Juniors, thank you for attending and helping out as well!

Sir Albert
Thank you sir for always giving extra efforts on the events that I am in!
I sense some favoritism haha!

Meet some of our Senior Students!

People are asking who he is so I'll drop his name here now!
Kavin Saez

My heartfelt gratitude to my classmates who are always ready to help out I hope you will all continue to help me.
You are all part of my success!

Ms. Terese Fatima Brailey
Counselling and Testing Section
Thank you for your helpful services! I just hope students will maximize it.

Loraine G. Samsin and Me
Co-Overall and Overall Chairman
Needed to look presentable with a few touches from MAC.
But don't get us wrong... we just needed a few help from it. lol.

1st Runner-up, USC Week 2010
Blazin' the Stage with their Fierce moves.

Dr. Gayos
Health Services Section
Thanks for informing our Freshies about our Health Services.

Sir Ritchie Davao
Security Department
I hope the Medical Technology Program will be awarded as the most Disciplined School/College this School Year.
So let's be violation-free alright guys?

Once again, My utmost gratitude to our beloved Speakers.

Mrs. Dizon for Dean's Hour...

Raymart Dalusong
President, Red Cross Youth Council
All Medical Technology Students are obliged to be RCY Members.

Sean Michael Cuaycong, informing students about other important reminders together with...

Mrs. Christina Widwidan

Taking good notes and ideas with one of our guest speakers while my co-chairman is bluffing lol.

My Simple Activity
I hope everyone really got acquainted.

Everyone was so busy giving out their colored papers.

Got our first colored papers!...

...and a few more

Then got tons, I think they are just fooling me lol.
Thank you for the students who gave me their colored papers I appreciate it!

Then of course Loraine Samsin got tons as well.

Ms. Krizza-Almond S. Aguilar
CEU Medical Technology Alumni
Former President of Medical Technology Student Council
Top 2 National Board Exam March 2010
Closing Remarks
I am SO HAPPY to have her in our program, this will testify that CEU is indeed one of the leading Universities here in the Philippines.

Giving you note worthy Freshmen Students!

Heather Tamayo

Dominique Gayos

Gio Marlo Herrera

Gerard Anthony Bunye

Yna Veronica Montalbo

Yasser M. Yusoph

Mary Faith Elizabeth Casilla

Practicum Uniform, Green Army Jacket (Bangkok brand)

I wanted to thank everybody for helping me out with the First Activity I chairman as a Senior Student.
To My Working Committees:

Loraine G. Samsin
Co-Overall Chairman

Registration and Evaluation
Chairman: Katherine Kate S. Maniulit
Member: Rosil O. Dimalibot

Physical facilities and Peace & Order
Chairman: Bernard Raphael T. Mendoza
Member: Farzi Marvin G. Abing

Chairman: Melody Celine D. Dizon
Member: Katherine Joy C. Castillo

Food and Refreshments
Chairman: Mariel Jen D. Bernardo
Member: Carmela Rose L. Del Rio

Certificates, Program and Invitation
Chairman: Raymart B. Dalusung
Members: Arurea P. Manzon
Jzarinah Jan Grace Reside

To Mrs. Maria Carmen S. Dizon
Coordinator, Medical Technology Program
Thank you for entrusting me this activity

To Dr. Maria Corazon L. Andoy
Administrative Assistant, SAO
Thank you, I am well trained because of you.

To Medical Technology Students especially the Freshmen, more activities to come! I hope you will enjoy them all. Study HARD!

Just as I promise, add me up on
and on Twitter
I give contests there and when you get good grades, I will have you guestlisted on the hottest clubs within the Metro!


Venue: Student Activity Center, Gil Puyat
Photographed By: Regielyn Casolino


  1. Thank you so much! I wish I know who you are though :)

  2. Bakit walang Sir kay Sir Sean Michael?

  3. Goodaft!

    My information ba kayo about chris alec san jose? yung sa picture above na ng doxology and national anthem? kasi na scam nya ako kahapon eh, ngorder ako sa kanya online ng mga gamot tapos nung nareceive ko yung package, puro papel lang ang laman. nabigay ko sa kanyo yung 4thou ko para maipadala nya ang package. all i have here is his info, and certificate of matriculation nya from ceu, kasi humingi po ako ng identification nya before ko po pinadala yung pera. any info would help, kahit masauli lang sana nya ang money. pls do contact me at 09159149114 or reply na lang po sa msg ko. thank you and God Bless!

  4. To Adrian A. Cortez

    I'm really sorry but I don't want to get involve with the issue especially since money is involved but I suggest you may come to CEU Makati and settle this with him since most probably you know his schedule.

  5. Ok. Malayo kasi ako sa manila eh, taga mindanao ako. anyway, thanks!