Saturday, July 23, 2011

How To Be a Teenage Socialite

This is something I learned from a good friend of mine
He is a very good speaker for talks especially about
Leadership and Personality Development.
While I am sharing you some tips how to guide your way into teenagehood I'll be featuring some cool kids from CEU Makati (LV).

1. Get confidence! Everyone knows that a shy and timid person is always overlooked in a crowd. So stand up tall and talk with a smart and secure attitude. Don't cross your arms. Don't talk down to people. Speak only when you must and always have your cell nearby to text or even pretend you are texting.

Mark Constantino

2. Get the following - friends, friends and more friends. Don't be too picky because then you know that someone is free everyday/night. Call/text them, facebook them, IM, MySpace, whatever. Just don't act like you have nothing to do.

3. Stay busy. 'Play hard-to-get'. You should make everyone feel as though they are around a celeb (you) and they should feel privileged. It works like a charm every time.

Melody Jam Franco

4. Be mature and stand up for what you believe in. Don't pick fights and act younger than your age. Always think of a high-profile, SUCCESSFUL celeb- like Angelina Jolie or Anne Curtis for example, and think to yourself, 'Would Anne say that? Would Anne do something like that?' It will help your image and adults will grow to like you more too.

Amos Timothy Honra

5. Engage in activities that mature young adults do. No, that is not drinking and having 'sleepovers' at your boyfriends house! Try things like walking on the beach talking about your future and college, shopping at nice stores, going to fancy restaurants with friends (even if you can only afford tapas and drinks!), read books, watch quality TV and stay up to date with current events, save money, be responsible, act very mature in everything that you do. And you will be rewarded! :)

Lawrence Maniquis

6. The 'reward' of being a responsible young adult, is simply to go out and have fun. Since you are under 21, try an under 21 dance club, a nice lounge-restaurant that allows younger people, a beach road trip, a free weekend with the girls, spa time, hair done, a night off of life...etc.

Rie Rudica

Erika Salapare

7. Once parents feel like you are responsible in all that you do- they will TRUST you. They have to! What have you done to make them suspicious?

8. Get good grades! Not only will it help your future, but you will gain confidence and feel better about yourself knowing that you took good care of your grades and classes. A socialite always have enough knowledge to talk about anything under the sun.

Gab Nagata

9. Wear nice and classy clothes. Don't ditch your style, but think about whether or not an mature and "looked up to" young adult would be seen wearing it. Think of someone successful that you know, college-age, even someone you saw walking to the subway station in NY- whatever! Get that 'idol' for your wardrobe and go for it!

10. Stay clean cut and have good hygiene. Shower and take good care of your body.

Jasha Galvez

11. Eat Healthy. A responsible young adult and/or socialite is not unhealthy. Obesity is a major concern and confidence fails from it too. Take charge now!

Tyna Patuga


12. Stay in touch with friends. Talk to both girls and boys with the same air. Crushes are hard but you can handle it maturely!

Hanah Celis

Princess Perez

13. Only say nice things to people, build them up, make them feel good- and they will want to be around you all the time! Be a good friend!

Inah Rayo

14. Know how to manipulate situations and people to get what you need and want. Not in the bad manipulative way though.

Zia Salazar

Timothy Christian Lim

15. Get many at least 2 different social network sites, like bebo, facebook, twitter, blogger, flickr, even myspace! Let people know on each one of these which ones you have.

Rachelle Bolalin

Rosette Christine Cassela


* Shop in nice stores, but remember the 'What would Anne (or whomever) wear/do?' thing. Dress your age, but classy and mature as well.

* Shop somewhere that you know adults shop at and get some core items to blend with your younger teenage style.

* Wear heels whenever possible! They give confidence and have an air of instant fun.

* Have fun! Be a fun person to be around. Suggest things like mini golf, arcade, laser tag etc to do with your friends. The mall is better during the less crowded day anyways.


* Use 'I've got plans' or being busy as a way to get out of parties and bad situations. That way people do not think you believe that they are making bad decisions and being stupid. People act weird when they know you think you are better than they are!

* Remember: as a Socialite you have to be social. The biggest thing is that you have to spend as much time with other people your age as possible and be well-known. Don't spend all your time in your own little bubble.

* Don't 'dumb' yourself down just to get more friends!

* Don't act stupid to get attention.

* As a teen, you may not have as many opportunities to get out and about- just live with it. Don't let it get to you!

* Parents feel that 'social' teens tend to be more of a handful- defy that stereotype!

* Remember that school comes first!

* You may get your feelings hurt, but learn to not care as long as you are having fun for the moment!

* Many people do not like socialite girls, because the stereotype is really dramatic. Don't be that way!

* Don't be annoying and pushy.


* Be yourself. Don't change if you don't want to.

* If you do get bebo or myspace etc, and you;re under 16, make your profile private if you can.

My Thanks to Aliana Antes for taking the Pictures and getting all their names!
Hope you enjoyed reading!



  1. I apologize if I'm going to be quite upfront. I was just going over some sites when I came across your blog. Having read this article, I was taken aback by how immature some of its contents are. I find it hypocritical, contradicting as well as completely pretentious. For instance, on your fourth statement, you said that one should be mature enough to stand up for what he or she believes in. Moreover, on your 'tips' section you also stated 'be yourself'. However, you contradict it by saying that one should always consider how a celebrity would think or pick (e.g. would Anne do that? Would Anne do something like that?). Mind you (and I am not referring to Anne nor Angelina) celebrities can make the most impulsive (and hence, likely immature) decisions in life. On the contrary, being mature is knowing how to discriminate right from wrong, proper from improper and rationality from, uh, stupidity? I'm afraid having to think of a celebrity to look up to in terms of being mature and getting good grades(e.g. Paris?) is just not the best way to go. It's funny how this article seemingly tries to provide lessons of becoming a young but mature socialite but ends up delivering otherwise.

  2. Hey thanks for the reaction! This is just something I found on net and not something I dug from my thoughts... something that people might get inspired with. Thanks for letting me see the different side of it! :)

  3. Thanks for this! hahaha

  4. I agree with natedawg. We don't have to be pretentious to be mature. But hey, right you are in saying that flattery and manipulation can be powerful tools. :)