Friday, June 17, 2011

Tasty Dumplings, Big Pork chops

Sample of their Menu.

Dr. Maria Corazon Andoy, Sthepanie Pasamba, Lawryeng Castro, Me, Dr. Edwin Huan and Marielle Cueto

Interior of the place.

Soup is served!

Dr. Andoy with her Pineapple Juice...

Then everybody had Winter Melon Juice.
this costs 45.00php

Trust me, it was not just big but it is also delicious.
This costs 105.00php

Their Dumplings... and it was tasty!
this was courtesy of Dr. Huan.

Bon apetit!

We were just going to do some official business here in Binondo but apparently Lawryeng invited people to come and join, since we really do not know the place he invited Dr. Huan who knows the place a lot and finally decided that we should try this restaurant and oh how thankful I am to dine here.
Thank you so much Dr. Huan for recommending this!

Their specialty here is obviously the enormous pork chop but the dumplings was also good, now I have this perception to taste other food that they cater and you guys should try it out as well and I guarantee that your taste buds will be satisfied. One thing I was intrigued about was their fish sauce (patis), it was not the ordinary fish sauce that is commonly offered but it was somewhat sweet it tastes good too.

This is located 620 Ongpin St., Binondo Manila, You may contact them at (02) 242-5195 for delivery and inquiries.
You must try the food here, don't worry they are affordable.

Thanks for the featured people:
Dr. Maria Corazon Andoy
SAO Administrative Assistant
and also the Adviser of
University Student Council - Makati

Dr. Edwin Huan
Program Head, School of Dentistry

Mr. Sthepanie Pasamba
Coordinator, ITMS

Lawryeng Castro
Marketting Officer
and owner of

Maria Elizabeth V Cueto
President, University Student Council - Makati
and owner of


Venue: Tasty Dumplings
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua

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