Friday, November 15, 2013

Nuclear Medicine an Avenue of Medical Technology

Going back from your school which became a big part of who you are and who you have become is very comforting... feels a lot like home.

During the celebration of Medical Technology Week, CEU Makati invited me back to be one of their resource speaker to talk about Nuclear Medicine. Now, going back as a speaker is even a lot better... kind of like a hero's welcome.

This is our coordinator Mrs. Maria Carmen S. Dizon who gracefully gave the opening remarks. She taught me a lot of things not only the ones I am using in my career but also things that I learned to grow as good person.

To give you a background of what I do in my work, well Nuclear Medicine has three areas which is the RIA Laboratory, Imaging and the RAI Uptake.

The RAI Uptake is done by Nuclear Medicine Physicians. This is where they use radioactive substances for treatment to patients of various diseases.

Imaging is the part where we inject radioactive substances to patients so that the gamma cameras can trace the desired organ of study. It is more like MRI/CT Scan only Nuclear Medicine is more concerned of the function and metabolism than anatomic structure.

RAI Laboratory is where we determine different hormones through blood serum added with radioactive materials, for medical technologists it is like Clinical Chemistry only instead of chemicals we use radioactive substances. 

I am so glad that a lot of students were very active and attentive! 

with Mrs. Widwidan, Mrs. Dizon and Mrs. Esteban
They are my college mentors who did a very excellent job in honing me up for the real world.

With the CEU Makati Medical Technology Staff and Dr. Basit, Dean of MedTech EAC who was also one of the speakers that day.

Thank you so much for inviting me to share my knowledge on Nuclear Medicine.
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