Wednesday, February 6, 2013


 Long-sleeves button-down (Energie), Gray Graphic Shirt (Antony Morato), Brown Shorts (Energie), Borwn Striped Socks (SM Accessories), Shoes (Topman), Aviators (Forever 21) and Time Keeper (Rolex).

As I have mentioned from my previous post, I just got my boyzilian and all i can see in my nether region is swath of pure cleanliness... I think I will be keeping it this way.

Through the years of my life I have gained a lot yet also lost some, oh well it is inevitable. There may be things that I can see through the "swath of my life" like my health lol! But seriously I have been sick for quite some time now, next would be the people that I have been with and sometimes I can't help but to accept that we are taking different roads now and lastly are the dreams and ideals that used to be important to me, it saddens  me somehow but then again moving on is a process that needs to be done enable to live and so I do it as quickly as possible. No time to waste.

Few days from now it will be my birthday again and I am happy that despite some sad thoughts I may be having, in totality I am indeed... happy.

Hope I made sense to you guys and I hope that you like the outfit plus a new vocabulary word for some! Feel free to comment and yes, thank you to all the people who will give me gifts. :)

Thank you to Joy Avilla for taking these pictures for me.

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