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It's Like How to be a POGI

Let's face it no matter how much people would say that everyone is good-looking, we all know for a fact that there are really people who are blessed with genes that build features that are truly captivating to the human eyes, but even though we don't look like the people we see on TV's, big screen and prints and ads still, each of us has the capability to be attractive in our own way.

True enough that we can't choose the things that we are born with, therefore life is about making use of what you have got... maximizing it for your full potential and I am here to just give you some few helpful tips on how to achieve it. There are different factors that we should consider but I will be focusing on the things that I am knowledgeable of which are Personality, Style and Grooming.


STEP 1: Practice Good Posture
Being in the medical field and having a sister who is practicing physical therapy, I know for a fact the benefits of maintaining a good posture. It can not only prevent osteoporosis and other bone and muscle problems but it will also give other people the impression that you are confident, educated and in control so keep those shoulders squared, your spine straight and try to center your hips over your feet and walk confidently without dragging your feet nor shuffling.

STEP 2: Smile
In this case the alike attracts, having a positive outlook in life will attract positivity in your life. Develop in yourselves a sense of joy and find laughter in the simplest ridiculous aspects of life. Develop a sense of humor but try to keep your jokes free of references to bodily functions and features, sex acts, or disparaging other groups of people, in short be sensitive on these issues and keep it clean.
Also if you smile, smile with your teeth it ALWAYS looks more authentic.

STEP 3: Make Eye Contact
They say the eyes are the windows to our souls, that it reflects more than to what our voices conceive verbally and I for one can attest to that. When you are talking to someone, do demonstrate interest to what they say by simply making a consistent eye contact.

A tip for flirting: try to give a few glances on someone you like but you barely know yet and when she catches you, smile at her and look away before she does as this will give her a feeling of curiosity that will provoke her interest. But beware! Make sure you won't look at her maliciously, always be a gentleman.

STEP 4: Be A Gentleman
As a Filipino, I know for a fact that we are raised vigilantly with courtesy. Our parents taught us to say po, opo and "pagmamano" which are basic acts that we should give to the elderly, now this as foundation it would be a lot easier for us to keep up the words "please", "excuse me" and "thank you".

Courtesy should not be exclusive to just few groups of people, I have noticed some who wouldn't say these to local vendors or even to mall salespeople and I think even though we are paying them with good money, still they are people who deserve respect from us.

Always have the initiative to help other people regardless of there sex and age. A guy helping another guy will certainly not make him gay although pay priority of course to kids, elderly, women and the physically challenged persons.

STEP 5: Know How To Carry a Conversation
Being a competent conversationalist can open you up to a lot of opportunities as good and proper communication nowadays can bring you to greater possibilities. Learn the art of speaking, try to stay away to one-end questions which are answerable by a simple yes or no (example: instead of "do you like watching movies?" try asking something like "what movies do like watching?"). Avoid sensitive topics like religion and politics unless you feel that both of you are vying on the same team. The secret to this is just to find a common interest.

Tip: practice how well you are doing with your communication skills by rendering a random conversation with a stranger maybe while waiting from a long line on your local grocery store or when it's traffic while you're on a bus commuting. When you receive a genuine smile and/or a few sensible lines of conversation from the other end, means you are doing well.

STEP 6: Speak Clearly and Carefully
A tactless guy is more annoying than a tactless woman, at least it is somehow tolerable in our norms if it is a woman. You don't need to be talkative just to keep up a conversation you just have to be sensible, remember that "empty cans sound the loudest" so please stay careful and think properly what you should say because once those words come out, it would be very hard for you to swallow them.

Practice proper words to say every now and then, having good reading materials (please not the gossip ones) will help you with it. Please avoid mumbling and rushing with your words.

STEP 7: Have a Proper Lifestyle
Eat well, because when you have a good diet the chemicals that works throughout your body will be at ease thus balancing proper amounts of hormones that will help you have a good mood to achieve the earlier steps and the next steps to follow.

It is advisable to eat six small amounts of food daily as what I learned from THIS POST. You do not need to buy those expensive organic refreshments, learn how to prepare and cook simple dishes and just consider more on vegetables and fruits on your selections, this will help you save money and impress your girl as well. (Face it girls! You have a pathway from your stomachs to your hearts as much as we do).

Stay hydrated, I know that it seems to be like a broken record player when you get to hear this but a lot of people still doesn't seem to get the importance of it but I'm pretty sure you guys have an idea, no need for me to jot those things down.
Make sure that your urine is almost always clear (except first morning urine), if not drink more.

Exercise. Not only will it make your body look good but it is another factor for your hormones to keep an uplifting mood. Just try to think how much food you have eaten for the week and think more on how you can help your body to break them out by finding at least two days every week to do something physically.

Above all these maybe find two days for the month to stand as your cheat days, preferably your pay-day so it will truly act as your reward for yourself for working hard to earn money and maintaining a good physique.


In my blog as you may have noticed I am not particularly advising people to buy expensive clothes as I also wear things thrifted but I am giving you options on what the different brands cater and you may like for yourself. Style is something unique and should represent you and your way of art and communication as well.

STEP 1: Wear Clothing that Fits
I know that there are a lot of fads that come every now and then that give rise to oversize shirts, muscle shirts and etc. and of course I respect your choice of clothing because it is your way of art and identity although I am recommending to have your clothes as neat as possible, which generally means be aware of your body type in choosing the right cut of pants, the bottom of your pants should hit or cover your ankles, long-sleeved shirts should cover the wrist properly, and the bottom of your shirts should cover your hip just right.

Tons of heavier men tends to wear something overly sized than theirs just trying to cover those unwanted bumps choosing something baggy that honestly making it nothing but worse.

It is important for us to find a boutique that caters something that is just right for us, not just the sizes but the styles as well, now if you find something you really really like but doesn't fit right I suggest you get a larger size and find an inexpensive seamstress or tailor to alter it for you, only if you really feel like it's the right thing to do.

Tip of advice: I know some of us can be ultimately sentimental but that shirt given by your grandmother or your favorite shirt from high school doesn't fit anymore, DONATE THEM! Let's be practical, you can always remember how great they are, wouldn't it be nice if they will be of good use to another person who needs it more? At times like this we can't deny that it is the better choice. Let's help more people.

STEP 2: Know How to Highlight Your Best Features
Always remember and put into note that "light colors highlight, and dark colors obscure". Like for example you like your upper torso than the lower then wear something light toned shirt then a dark pair of denims, although be confident of what you have and just in case you don't like a part of your body, I suggest find ways to improve it rather than just concealing it.

STEP 3: Figure Out Which Colors Look Good on You
Find time what colors would highlight your features more but do not stay in that color especially if you're young, make use of your youth by loving 'em. Choosing the right color isn't really about colors but hues. admit it, there may be shades of red that suits you and doesn't and that rule applies to every color. If your skin looks brighter and glowing then that is a good indication that you have chosen the appropriate hue.

STEP 4: Stock Your Wardrobe with Timeless Basics
These are pieces that you can wear anytime and anywhere which will still be wearable as you age so bare in mind that it should be something of quality too. Plain-colored shirts, polo shirts and button-downs are must-haves just as much as solid-colored denims, pants, shorts, jackets, blazers and dress-shoes are. You can always mix and match them together and still be looking classy.

STEP 5: Do Laundry Regularly
Jeans and Jackets and some shoes can stand to go through several wears before they're dirty but don't wait until they are very dirty though. But for shirts, socks and especially underwear please have them on a one wear only then have a scheduled laundry so you wouldn't be cramming to find something clean to wear.


The very least and basic thing you can do to present yourself is to appeal a good practice of hygiene. Looking clean and smelling good and fresh subconsciously attracts people.

STEP 1: Shower At least Twice a Day
I fully recommend this because men has higher risk of smelling bad because our sweat glands are more active than with women. Shower once in the morning before interacting with people and shower in the evening before going to bed as the outside world is very dirty and you do not want to keep those dirt intact to your pores, it's true! try wiping your face with a tissue upon arriving home and you'll see how dark it will get plus bathing before you sleep can give you a more pleasant rest.

Men are more at risk too with acne, counteract this by keeping your face clean with facial wash. Personally I have been using Nivea for Men Extra Whitening Facial Foam Pore Minimiser matched with Nivea for Men Extra Whitening Moisturiser Pore Minimiser and after that I give my whole body a good moisturizing action with Nivea for Men Whitening Lotion. That is my secret in maintaining the glow and moisture of my skin which costs me less than 500php for at least a month in buying those three great products all in all.

Men has different skin types too:
Sensitive/dry skin - If your skin gets flaky and dry or gets irritated and red easily have something very gentle facial wash, skip toning and use a light moisturizer.
Combination/T-zone skin - If your forehead, nose and chin tend to get oily and your cheeks dry this is your skin type which is mostly the skin type of men, have a gentle toner and finish it off with a moisturizer.
Oily Skin - If your skin is uniformly oily, have something clay-based or drying cleanser, use toner everywhere on your face and finish it with a light moisturizer. Have an oil blotter on your pocket ready from time to time just in case you'll get your skin oily in the middle of the day.

Luckily Nivea for Men has something for each of the different skin types, check them out at your local grocery stores!
By the way, The lotion I use from Nivea for Men helps repair my skin as it usually takes about 3 days for me to have a scratch heal but with it, it could heal for as fast as a day or two plus it takes off my worry of getting darker and dull skin. I have a very sensitive skin and it is a blessing for me to have Nivea products for they entirely suffice my hygiene needs.

Oh and do you know that vitamin C is very essential for tissue rejuvenation? Nivea for Men use whitenat instead because it is 10x more effective than vitamin C. I tell you, they got only the best for men skincare needs.

STEP 2: Wear Deodorant
After taking a bath, make it a habit to have it apply first. Always bring it with you just in case. Again, as for me, I am using Nivea for Men deodorant as of the moment and so far it is doing good for me, even my armpits are sensitive and they get irritated and red with other brands I resent to name. :)

STEP 3: Wear Cologne or Body Spray
It is proven that scents can make it or break it. Do it right and you'll have people captivated on you, do it wrong and you'll be repelling them from you.

Match your cologne with the types of soap and washes you use and make sure that it blends well with your body chemistry (yes, each of us has different reactions even to the same perfume because we have different body chemistry). Once you get to find the right scent just spray over two or three times over your body specifically the parts where blood flows closer to the surface like the neck and the pulse because it makes it last longer and will save you more perfume for the days to come saving you more money.

STEP 4: Get Rid of Unwanted Hair
Which includes facial hair, uni-brow, nose hair, ear hair, back hair, chest hair (if desired), leg hair (if desired) and more, these hairs act as filters from dirt but if they prevent you from looking presentable, trimming some of them wouldn't be a bad idea.

STEP 5: Clean and Trim Your Nails
Both in hands and feet! I know a lot of guys out there who are very stubborn in trimming your toe nails and please they are as unhygienic as your nails in your hands and they could be a medium as breeding sites of parasites (I should know, I studied Medtech). Actually this is one of the most critical areas that I personally observe, If I can see that both nails in the hands and feet are clean and trimmed I am very much at ease that he/she is entirely clean in his/her whole body. Do not take it for granted!
You may put transparent nail polish to strengthen it but please do not put other designs and colors.

STEP 6: Brush and Floss Your Teeth
How can you do Step 2 and Step 5 in personality if you can't do this properly right? So be mindful of your oral hygiene because I know there are a lot of tight HR personnel who judges your employability in the mere appearance of your teeth.

Update your toothbrush every 3 months or after you recovered from a sickness. floss every night as stuck food doesn't only prevent cavities but also heart disease. Do not forget the tongue as it contributes greatly in having bad breath and lastly, perform mouthwash for 20 seconds then spit entirely.

And those are the basic facts and help that I can give to you for you guys out there to achieve a better look on yourselves and be #LikeaPogi

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