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Energie and Miss Sixty: Alabang Town Center Opening

Miss Sixty and Energie is not new to me as they are featured in countless magazines locally and internationally and I have covered them before which was earlier this year, CLICK HERE to see my first blog post about them at their Robinsons Ermita branch.

Their style is more of laid back casual or what a countryside with an edge would definitely look like, kind of what the vibe of the south is I mean if ever you've been to Alabang, Cavite, Laguna, Tagaytay, Batangas and all, you will notice the kind of softness it brings, it's not so provincial since it is starting to really develop now but it's not yet that busy and constricted like of what Makati exudes and with that I think putting up a branch here at the south is very timely and location appropriate, when you get to scroll down and see more of their clothes you'll know and feel what I'm talking about.

Fortunately I get to witness the blessing and ribbon cutting of the store. Feels as if I'm also being blessed.
I heard from the people of Miss Sixty and Energie that they have had to do Feng Shui with entirely EVERYTHING! From the date and time of the opening to the placement of things inside the store so I bet there's no doubt that business will be lucky and hopefully also the people who will be supporting the brands.

 I came here with my friend around 3-ish and I was expecting to see the opening near Guess but to my surprise the store was still under construction with their tarp outside but as I walk near it I saw HE by Mango tarp hanging so I got confused, luckily my friend decided to go to another store and upon going there we saw the right location of where it actually is.
With this, please be advised that Energie and Miss Sixty is located at the Upper Ground New Wing of Alabang Town Center right in front of Payless.

This is how Filipinos do blessings (for foreign readers), we believe that tossing coins inside the place will bring more luck, we also do this during weddings as far as I can remember.

Now let's get to business here.
I shall now give you a preview of what they have in store, but to make things more interesting I took more focus on the details because I know it is very important especially to the most fashionable critics here and it is the ones that gives distinction not only to the merchandise but as well as to the brand itself.

Featuring Miss Sixty

Venus cut dress with raffled details.

I know a lot of women especially those 30's and below who love laces and I can't blame them because other than it is a very alluring piece, it also gives highlight to the special features of a lady.

 So surprised to see a jumpsuit here! This is different from the other jumpsuits since the fabric is not the usual soft or silky ones as this is made from denim that gives off that country vibe.
I don't get to see a lot of people wearing jumpsuits so I dare you people out there to try wearing one, it's not so bad to try different looks every now and then.

I know a lot of girls who would wear something so innocent in front yet so daring at the back.

 Denims, this is one of the specialty of the brand rest assured that they really have quality jeans for you as they have a guide in their stores to what kind of jeans would fit perfectly for your body type.
Let's pay attention to the little details.

The language that every woman understands and actually communicates. -Shoes

I got this for myself...

...I meant this one lol! Remember what I told you about the tossed coins during the blessing? Well grab 'em and do not ever spend it, just keep it and in time it will bring luck.
But in respect with all the belief I have said, I believe that the greatest luck comes from the blessings from above.

Just like my previous post about these brands, I have to let someone try them on so you guys can see how it looks like when it is worn.
Before, I have Ms. Pam De Jesus the Merchandising Manager and other people from the same group of brands to model it but this time I got shy so I have my Friend Jay to wear it.
The black dress looks fierce and I bet you like how Lacey its back is.

If you have it, flaunt it! But don't overexpose it because sexy means leaving some for the imagination.

 Featuring Energie

 These kinds of tees remind me of the kind of fashion of one of my favorite series, One Tree Hill. It's just chill.

 A tip for the guys out there, if you're going out for a date with someone you are courting I suggest wear something blue or with the hint of blue as it is psychologically brings out the gentleman in you.

Do not be afraid to wear something floral as long as it's not really that outlandish, besides if you're really confident with your sexuality then a piece of clothing will not be an issue.

 I must say I love how green this pants is.

Aztec prints are better when they are bold as this one, it gives more character as it brings contemporary.

Aztec designs for me is good during cold days because for some reason they give warmth and a rustic vibe like of what sitting in front of a fireplace would feel. This is great for guys since most of our clothing are more or less just plains and subtle colors that goes well in this kind of designs, no need to worry about prints overload.

 Shorts in this hue and texture is very wearable anytime especially if you're the outdoor kind. It is simple and comfortable at the same time.

The store is not yet fully furnished but it is fully functioning and I'm excited to see its full appearance. The detail here in the wall got my curiosity and I found out that it is yet to be painted metallic and it is actually an added lighting to set a very conducive shopping ambiance for the fashion savvy.

 Sorry, I just loved how my skin looks so good in their store's lighting.

With Pam, Merchandising Manager
Ana, Business Development
Lea, Brand Marketing
It was so awesome to meet everyone! You guys will love shopping here especially with the very friendly family of Miss Sixty and Energie!

Just in case you guys are wondering how much clothes are here, well this is a proof that they are very affordable yet of course with quality.
I have a pair of denims from them and I can attest to how durable their items are.

Catch their Party at Republiq for two more great Fridays!
CLICK HERE for the details.

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Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Energie and Miss Sixty, Upper Ground New Wing, Alabang Town Center


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    1. They do have great stuff!
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  13. First impressions last...but in the long run, it's the deeper personality that truly matters to those special to your heart :-)