Sunday, January 1, 2012

Miss 60 and Energie

Featuring Miss Sixty.

Launched in 1991, Miss Sixty has filled a unique gap in the market over the years and has become one of the most appreciated and well-known urban fashion labels worldwide. Most appreciated for its wide and diverse range of denim and for its original and unique approach, Miss Sixty has become increasingly feminine, alluring and on-trend without compromising on any of its signature irony. The brand includes footwear and bags collection as well as eye wear, jewelry and watches line.

The brand lends its sexy, upbeat attitude to contemporary garments dedicated to young yet sophisticated women who exude style. Every season an enchanting mix of culture and ideas characterized the collection - while also maintaining the sensual femininity and edgy design that are quintessentially Miss Sixty. The denim line consistently surprises with an innovative and diverse product offer, different washes, embellishment and attention to fit all mark the product above all competing brands. The jeans renowned for their close cut to accentuate the femininity of the Miss Sixty woman.

Miss Sixty introduces the new 11/12 Fall Winter Collection. The Collection celebrates enterprising women who love to stand out in everyday, metropolitan life by offering new outfits, suitable for every moment of the day. Thus a new wardrobe shapes up, filled with glam clothes marking the looks as a watch, from one hour to the next. Styles mix up creating a fashion game for both day and night, where sensuality and originality become the starting point and the essence of every outfit.

The Denim offer, the brand's throbbing heart, crosses all the lines. a flash on the Seventies, bell-bottom trousers, high-waist models and dungarees become "must-have" items of women's wardrobe, matched to denim jackets decorated by floral brooches in tulle gathered padded shoulders and leopard print internal linings. Miss Sixty always enhances the body's shapes, playing with sensuality in the fittings and wearability of clothes. next to second-skin, low-waist and push-up models, revisited through new washing procedures and captivating details like zips, stitching and studs on the pockets, we find straight-leg cuts and low crotches, typical of "body fit" models. The collection is completed by extremely feminine garments, different shapes like sheath dresses, flared dresses and longuette skirts demonstrate the brand's infinite creativity in moulding and shaping denim fabrics.

Besides from the denim collection, there are few lines dedicated to living an entirely Miss Sixty branched day, femininity and creativity for both daytime and evening.

Garments designed for stylish daytime have a casual-chic allure, where comfort is accompanied by sophisticated details. Garments are versatile and functional yet very feminine, designed to live the city in a dynamic way, both at the office and during spare time. Double-breasted, slim-cut coats in lively colours like fuchsia or violet and soft, powder colour down jackets come with simple yet sophisticated jersey dresses.

For the evening, Miss Sixty launches extremely feminine and audacious garments which boost the body's shapes through designs in line with the forthcoming season trends.
Fur is reinterpreted in a rock version, becoming the real protagonist of metropolitan winter nights.
Offered in various shapes it also comes in acid shades, becoming the distinctive element of total black coats.
Timeless black is again the dominant color of Miss Sixty's evening offers: slim-fit trousers and bareback sheath dresses complete the line.

This look is good on a day at the mall or a casual night out with your barkada.
Tip: Good fitting denims are always an investment. They look badass and they are durable (mostly, but with Miss 60 they truly cater good fabrics for their denims).

This would be great for a fun night or maybe a stroll on a high-end street in the middle of the day.
Model: Ms. Pam de Jesus, Merchandising Manager for Energie and Miss 60

This look as you can see may give you a little bit of skin on the both sides of your body, it's a kick-ass bad girl look.
Looks best as it is paired with these sexy pumps with chains.

This denim jacket is a different one but still gives off that edgy look yet very feminine as the pink studded tank top compliments it into a rock star style.
Model: Ms. Bea Corpuz of Accessorize

Sophisticated yet it is not compromising the age as it still preserves youth. This is a very ideal outfit for a good evening event.
Model: KC Robles

Simple yet classy, this is a total girl-next-door outfit will surely captivate a guy's attention.
tip: to give emphasis on the buckle of your belt and to give it an edgier style you can place the buckle on the sides.

Purple has its way to make it into the mood of exclusivity and sophistication, try this look for an eventful evening on exclusive high-class happenings.

More than any two color combination, it is only Gold and Black that gives the most powerful impression. Wealth and a great influence makes a mark as you walk through the streets of Makati, Ortigas, Alabang or any business district here in the Philippines  bringing you the "Executive" that you deserve to be as a career woman with these colors.
Model: Maric Valenzara

Short shorts denims partnered with floral button-downs is very sexy (plus points on the oxfords that brings out androgynous feel). Walking through a sunny day in this outfit can make you stand out like no other especially on a good outing to the beach or resorts as you carry that good-looking big brown bag.
Model: Cath Salvador

Featuring ENERGIE.

Energie was born out of the desire to create something new, different and original. The brand name was originally inspired by a clothing store in Rome; a place for early 80's art and culture, where several artists worked together to create exhibitions. Forever focused on experimentation, research and continuous innovation, the label now includes footwear and bags, an underwear and beachwear collection and, since 2009, a new line of Energie opticals and sunglasses.

Energie is an innovative brand that does not follow established trends and is always focused on the selection of quality materials, advance treatments and production techniques. Denim is a fabric that allows for experimentation and is key to all of the Energie collections. Research, new treatments, premium fabrics and experimental washes give the garments the well-worn features and "tough" personality that have always characterized the world of Energie.

New York Style, a return to the history of denim essence for the 2011 Fall / Winter Energie collection.
The canvass, expression of the brand's identity, becomes a kaleidoscopic focus with versions ranging from skinnier to more comfy fittings, enriched by several washes and original details.
The neatness of the ergonomic shapes and the minimalism of the details predominate in the Slim and Regular-Slim offers, making models like CLOD, MITT, LASER and TRUST really unique.

LEGEND and RULY are instead the new offers for Men wearing more relaxed outfits without hiding their clear and determined style, underlined by three-dimensional inserts and geometrical applications. "American Vintage" taste for colours inspired by the shades of New York autumn days, from the mustards and reds of Central Park tress to the intense light blues of Manhattan skies. The technical fabrics of the outerwear take on a "workers" look thanks to the research on the treatments; warm cashmere patterns appear instead for the knitwear.

Great attention to the graphics of the t-shirts which play between past and future, going from the blurred comics superheroes like Flash Gordon and Wonder Woman to x-ray ironic visions of the world. Upper East Side moods instead of garments representing the sublimation of denim which encounters preppy styles, for a sophisticated metropolitan taste.

The fittings become slimmer, close fitting, while materials double to give depth to structured and daring garments designing a modern and captivating silhouette. Protagonists of this line are men who take their own way among the Big Apple's Skyscrapers, wearing enveloping outerwear which hides rigorous patterns and impeccable micro-pattern shirts. Wide neckline knits comfortably underline the figure, enhancing it in with continuous play-on juxtapositions.

The 11 FW Energie Collection thus interprets the city which has always represented the universal symbol of Metropolis, New York. Still dreaming today, and still making people dream.

Rock star feel with hint of cowboy style. Country side looks aim you to be simple and just casual on a day out.
A boy-next-door look allures girls as it presents you clean and tidy.

Hoodies has this way to make you sporty but matched with this awesome full-length pants and belt will give you a twist of the bad boy side.
Tip: most belts like this has imprints, if you don't want those to get wasted you may tie it up like this.

Checkered Button-down shirts is always classy and neat.
Have it untucked if you want to have the casual feel.
The good thing about this top is that it is reversible, mixed it up with a lighter shade of jeans to make your top pop out more.
Model: Reginald Senseng

Tuck your polo in and match it with a dark colored denims to gain something classic and bold but for a younger feel have that studded belt on.

The prim and proper student goes for plain shirt and always carries his valued knowledge source on his well designed bag.

For the casual stroll on the parks or maybe mall. this on-the-go but still stylish get-up can still present you with a casual mood yet with class.

If you don't know what jeans to buy, no worries! They got a guide on what you might like and appropriate for your body type.

Thanks to Lawryeng for helping me out with the simple shoot and styling!

My sincerest gratitude to Ms. Pam de Jesus, Miss 60 and Energie Merchandising Manager for being so enthusiastic and cooperative!
Hope to see you soon!

So that sums up the great US Based Brands that just recently opened, December 18, 2011 to be exact, here in Manila.

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Styling by: Lawryeng Castro
and Vergil Lloyd Chua
Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: Robinson's Manila, Ground Floor


  1. Shall visit this store soon! Eyeing on their lovely pumps/heels now!!! :) So pretty denims too!! :D You look good with the Energie wardrobe!


  2. miss sixty has the best fitting jeans!!!! good job! will go to the store to buy a pair now!

  3. Wow small world! I used to work with Pam before. :)

    1. really!? Nice small world nga! Pam is one of the people who's very very kind.