Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ignite and Burst for Positivity

Beige Bonnet (Korean Brand, a gift from my korean friend), Aviator (Vintage Ray-Ban), Orange Basic Top (Topman), Plum Cardigan (Chemistry), Red Belt (SM Dept), Light Blue Shorts (SM Dept), Red Topsider Shoes (Swatch) and Time Keeper (Rolex).

So for the first of 2012, we went to see my aunts from my mother side. It was really nice to catch up with them, it is really nice to spend time with family.

It is cool to break out from my usual neutral and safe toned outfits. This time I'll make my style fun since I will be turning 21 soon and I am not getting any younger so while I still have this so-called youth, I will make sure I have the best of it!
And you guys out there, try not to wear much of the blacks... I know they're cool and makes you look badass and hot and all but when you grow old you will be fed up with blacks and neutrals because they're the only hues that will look proper and appropriate.

There you go, Have fun with dressing up while "we" are young. Set those loud colored shirts out of the closet and let the world see how invigorating being young is.


Photos by: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: SMX Convention


  1. I agree! It's nice to be able to dress up in nearly anything while we're still young :) Since we can still get away with that. Color actually looks great on you! Looking forward to seeing more bold pieces on your blog, V.

    Happy new year! :)

    Megann ♥ STYLE SURGERY

  2. You look so great on those colors, V!!! Love them on you. ☺ Good combination! Miss you friend!


  3. Love that you're starting to wear colorful outfits!


  4. I wonder if i can pull of bold colors?!? I tried color blocking once and it felt weird. Maybe bright colors and i do not match. I think i can get away with pale colors...

    - Catch

  5. cutie patootie as always, verge! looking dapper as ever:)