Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top Driver Challenge: Racer Chick Edition

Got really awed with the designs of Resorts World Manila.

That is a Ford car over there.

With Khrislyn Marie Luy

This is where the ladies will be competing.

These are 99.5 Jocks.

Lawryeng and Kriya, show 'em boys they're swag

Tons of people supporting the event.

These truly fierce ladies pumping up their engines.

U-Boat. One of the sponsors of the event.

Yes I agree, it is very good-looking.

Vector GPS. Again, one of the sponsors.
This is a really good gadget for those who travels a lot... or the ones who just get to be lost often.

Beer Pong! How Awesome can this be!?

Really HOT Girls from Bridgestone.

Closer look on how it works.
Yeah I want this game in my house!

A test drive wouldn't be bad right?

That kid at the center, he drives already!

The After Party: Opus

Really cozy venue, I know you guys would also love it here.

Lounging at the bar.

He is really great! He just finished this one really quick!

Fitted for a QUEEN eh?

Black Cardigan (Oxygen), Striped Button-Down Shirt (Thrifted), Black Jeans (Mint), Black Mailman Bag (Salvatore Mann), Time  Keeper (Rolex) and Black Leather Shoes (Pierre Cardin).

I must tell you guys that this is a school night, that would explain why my eyes seemed to look that way but my point is if you will be partying during school nights just make sure you can make amends to your responsibilities.

I am not much of a racer car fan but I do appreciate cars especially those of the luxurious ones, even though my perspectives lie within that and the fact that I can barely drive YET, still I did enjoy the event I mean girls doing rounds on a race plus tons of giveaways and the presence of such respected people, t'was an awesome night!

I really enjoyed the night, the ambiance of Resorts World Manila it just gives you the high end VIP feeling and of course OPUS! Really really nice club, I sugggest that if you want to go out and dine or even party, this would be one of the best place around Manila.

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Resorts World Manila and 
Opus Manila

Photos by:
Vergil Lloyd Chua



  1. Oh wow! looks like a great event! :) I'm a car racing fan :)

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  2. V, give me some of that pics from opus.. Thanks!