Monday, October 3, 2011

Arriane Yap's Debut Bash

The Venue.
The Duchess.

Black Structured Blazer (Lucca), Silver-glittered Jeans (F&H) and Gold-glittered Pumps (Steve Madden)

Happens to be the host of the night.

This was ALL for Yeng and me. We can barely eat it all!

Marielle Cueto stunning in her Blue Venus-cut dress and
Jane Masiado sexy in her Gray draped dress from Topshop.

Group Picture with the debutante, Arriane Yap-Diangco.
All "were and are" Student Leaders of CEU Manila and Makati. 

Marlon Gan (USC-Manila PRO), Marielle Cueto (USC-Makati President), Jansen Ramirez (USC-Manila President) and Jane Masiado (USC-Makati Auditor '10-'11).

Hyacinth Colina (USC-Makati Treasurer), Jaydan de Chavez (AHRMS President) and Jane Masiado.

Jane Masiado with Vince Aranda (USC-Manila Asst. Auditor)

Jane Masiado with Kelvin Sia (USC-Manila Auditor) also our gift for Arriane. :)
... I know, Jane seems to have tons of pics here, I let her take my cam for awhile since I was hosting too.

Jansen Ramirez, Marielle Cueto, Jose Carlo Lausin (USC-Makati Auditor), Kriya Luy (USC-Makati Secretary '10-'11) and Hikari Mizui (COMPASS Treasurer)

The 18 shots with my mask on the side lol.

The Debutante having her online conference with her mom during her debut party.

Thanks to yahoo!

With Mimi Mizui (COMELEC Co-Chairman for LV)

Jane, Carlo and Kriya fooling around.

With Kriya Luy, she always look so fresh.

With Molly Kate Yu (MASA Secretary '10-'11)
in her Forever 21 and shoes from Parisian.

and of course I was wearing:
Gray Turtle Neck Top (Onesimus), Black Jacket (Onesimus), Time Keeper (Rolex), Belt (Memo), Beige Khaki Pants (Banana Republic) and Brown Shoes (Kickers).

Like most of my college friends outside my section, I met the debutante because we are both student leaders. I was serving the University Student Council - Makati (USC-Makati) and she was serving for the Association of HRM Students (AHRMS) and now she is the current Vice President for LV of USC-Makati. I am very proud of her because of her willingness to serve other people.

I know tons of opportunities will come to her and I hope she will be choosing the ones that will make her fulfilled in life.
Thank you for a very great night! Happy Birthday!


Aberdeen Court, Ayala Avenue

Photos by:
Vergil Lloyd Chua 


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