Monday, September 21, 2015


Last Friday, September 18, 2015 I was invited to witness the launch of the incredible new campaign of one of the leading whiskey brands here in the Philippines, Johnnie Walker.

The campaign is well supported by global rosters from different walks of life including:

Emil Areng

Eva Hakansson, fastest woman on three wheels.

Haas and Hahn, duo that sets awareness for poverty through art.

Jenson Button, Formula One World Champion and Mclaren Honda driver

Jim Beveridge

Jude Law, Award-winning Hollywood Actor

OK Go, American Rock Band.

Johnnie Walker centers the attention of the campaign upon the real life successes of people who credit the power of Joy with taking them further, as the new campaign says, JOY WILL TAKE YOU FURTHER.

Joining these global personalities are two of our very own locals who excel in their respective passions.

Romi Garduce

"Perseverance scaled one summit. My joy conquered all seven,"

The first Filipino to climb one of the Seven Summits, and the ONLY Filipino who has climbed all of them. He is also a scuba dive master, environmentalist, writer, and motivational speaker who continues his career as an IT professional while pursuing many different passions.

Saab Magalona

"The love for listening gave me the mic. My joy made the music."

A daughter of one of country's iconic personality, Francis Magalona. Host, actress, blogger, photographer, model and one of the lead vocalists of Cheat.

Jon Good, Diageo Philippines General Manager
He said, "As a brand Johnnie Walker has always stood for progress - it's been the story of our whiskey since our founder John Walker started it all nearly 200 years ago. What two centuries of experience have taught us is that progress doesn't have to be an endless uphill journey - we can enjoy the steps we take and the more happiness we find in them the more likely we are to achieve our goal. Evidence is confirming a conviction that sits at the heart of our brand: Joy will take you further."

I have a fair share of my source of Joy here just stalk me in my instagram, lol.

Dr. Matt Killingsworth, a US-based psychologist said, "People sometimes think of happiness as a far-off, distant prize only to be won by their years of hard work or when they achieve conventional markers of success, like a higher income or a bigger house. But there is a growing body of evidence that enjoying happiness along the way makes success more likely."

and beyond all the contribution of these people about Joy I'd like to end this blog post with this:

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds" -James 1:2

Photos from: Vergil Lloyd Chua
Venue: The Eye, Green Sun, Makati

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