Monday, December 2, 2013

December Warmth

From the bloody Halloween of November to the prosperous and joyful December. It may be the coldest month of the year but the season compensates it by giving warmth to our hearts.

 Printed White Shirt (Cotton On).

 Black and Gray Cap (Volcom bought at Bratpack), Red Handle Sunnies (Aldo).

Red Full Length Pants (Giordano) and Boat Sneakers (Topman).

 Red Sling Bag (Coach).

 USB Bracelet (Giordano) and Teal Time Keeper (Cotton On).
Talk about fashion and function right? Well I am not just referring with the watch but also the USB Bracelet! CLICK HERE to see how it is a USB, also I just started using instagram so I would appreciate it very much if you will also follow me there! :)

Black and Gray Cap (Volcom by Bratpack), Red Handle Sunnies (Aldo), Printed White Tee (Cotton On), Full Length Red Pants (Giordano), Boat Sneakers (Topman), Red Sling Bag (Coach), Teal Time Keeper (Cotton On) and USB Bracelet (Giordano).

In Lieu to the Warmth of December, I hope ya'll can join this coming Friday for:

Please CLICK HERE for more details.


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